Sunday, July 21, 2013

Salmon Blinchiki with Cream Cheese and Spinach

What to do with a odd piece of salmon. too small to grill for a standalone meal, and too large to throw away without a pang of guilty conscious. And what about cleaning out the fridge before going on long holiday.

Perforce tonight's dinner options were scrambled eggs (eggs and milk leftover), cereals with milk, bread and cream cheese, pancakes (leftover mix from yesterday's brunch), salmon something, honey with (strawberries, papaya, watermelon) and boiled spinach. And as it goes after an inventory of perishables and long and deep soul searching came this delight.

Ingredients (For 4 Blinchiki's ):

  • Enough batter- I had half a bottle leftover from yesterday.
  • Enough salmon- OK, I had about 100 gm salmon marinated since last evening)
  • Enough Spinach- I had to finish the better part of a 400 gm bag
  • Cream cheese- 2 tbsp (Alas, this could not be finished)

Preparation (30 mins or less):

 Ok, I had the salmon ready (rebel without a cause). Had marinated the diced salmon with 1 tsp olive oil, salt, 2 tsp malt vinegar, and a pinch each of thyme, rosemary and coarse black pepper last night. Though I would stir fry and eat with bread and cream cheese. Discovering half finished (very expensive) pancake butter and 1/2 pack of spinach (equally expensive), tried this recipe.

Stir fry the salmon with as little oil as possible.

Microwave spinach at medium for 90 secs. Make pancake. 

Fill with cheese, spinach and salmon. 

Dinner's ready.


  • Not to forget the half a bowl of leftover strawberries. With a drop of lime they made wonderful 'postres'