Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grilled Tuna and Vegetables

Well, you can eat Maggi in only so many ways day after day. But what do you cook up that’s healthy but can be done in 40 minutes flat with little intervention. So despite being bone tired after a day’s slugging it out with clients and the production team, here I was at Carrefour buying Tuna fillet.

And man, it turned out great. So here’s the recipe for the day- Grilled Tuna with veggies. Takes only about 40 mins. You could customize it and drop the baked potato’s to make it into a leaner meal.

Ingredients (Serves 1):

• Tuna fillet- about 200 gm
• Broccoli- 1 small floret
• Baby carrots- 1 handful
• Potatoes- 2 medium sized one

• Button Mushrooms- 4 or 5 medium sized ones

• Butter- 20 gm

• Lemon- ½ a small lemon
• Rosemary

• Pepper corns- ¼ tsp whole
• Salt to taste


1. Pop the potatoes into the oven. Bake for 20 mins @ 200 C.

2. Clean fish, make small incisions, dress with lemo
n and salt.

3. Clean the veggies and separate the broccoli into bite siz
ed morsels.

4. Once potatoes are pre-cooked, braise fish & mushrooms with butter. Put in dish with potatoes, veggies, mushrooms. Place the broccoli, carrot near the bottom where they can be stewed in the juices release by the
fish. Sprinkle a few sprigs of rosemary and the pepper on top and pop into the oven.

5. Cook for 15 mins @ 200 C. And your dinner is ready.


• A glass or two or three of white wine wouldn’t spoil the dinner. ;)